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This project represents a fascinating synergy between our creative team and Tremil, a company specialized in the production of illuminated signs. The challenge before us was to imagine and visualize how the new signs would transform the appearance of a hotel still under construction. The result is a captivating 3D rendering that offers an extraordinary preview of the harmonious fusion between architecture and lighting.

The creative process began with the creation of a 3D model of the hotel (and the surrounding buildings), carefully capturing every architectural element even before the building was completed. Subsequently, we positioned the new illuminated signs, anticipating how they would accentuate the elegance and visibility of the hotel once construction was finished.

The key aspect of our work was to imagine and incorporate the signs into the architectural context naturally, leveraging intuitive design to ensure optimal visual impact. Every detail was carefully studied and implemented in the 3D rendering, giving rise to an engaging visual experience.

Despite the hotel still being under construction, our active collaboration with the client company allowed us to anticipate the needs and desires of the customer. The proposed signs were not only successfully integrated into the 3D rendering, but we also provided a realistic vision of their impact on the overall perception of the hotel when it would open its doors to the public.

This is not just a 3D rendering project but a tangible example of our ability to take a client’s vision to the next level, even when the project is still in the development phase.

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